Planetary Association for Clean Energy


Volume 1, Number 1  (May 1979)

How the association started (Senator C. W. Carter)
The excerpts of February 17 General Meeting
Electromagnetic plague (William [Van] Bise)
A campaign against "ecological warfare" (Alvin Toffler)
Migma: the last best hope for fusion ? (Brian Eaton)
November 27, 1978, United Nations (UN Office of Public Information)
Proposal that Canada sponsor international conclave for scientific study of UFO phenomena
Einstein's genius (A. Michrowski)
World symposium on humanity (A. Michrowski)
Tesla wireless power challenge
Plugging-in wireless power transmissions into conventional distribution systems
Chronicles: Nikola Tesla, man of peace (1)  (Andrija Puharich)   Challenge - the implications of solitons (A. Michrowski)
Towards clean energy: voltage controller; food preserver, ionized oxygen; fuel additive

Volume 1, Number 2  (July 1979)

Towards synthesis in international development practices (Mirko Bunc)
The development co-financing system (Mirko Bunc)
Applied research centre, Grande-Anse, Haiti (Suzanne Johnson)
Tesla movement in "first gear" (Anthony Shennan)
People's power project challenge
An introduction to the Iceland Papers (Andrija Puharich)
A mind/brain/matter model consistent with quantum physics (Thomas Bearden)
Canada's position on UFO conclave
USSR ELF emissions
Wasteless society is good economics (John Nelson Mitchell, A. Michrowski)
Oregon to cope with electromagnetic plague
The economics of goodwill (Mancur Olson, Jr.)
Engineering design and appropriate technology course launched
Convival tools (Ivan Illich)
Chronicles: Nikola Tesla, man of peace (2) (Andrija Puharich);  Challenge - implementing clean energy (Trevor Constable)  Update commentary: Retrievals of the third kind (Leonard H. Stringfield)  Towards clean energy: feeding livestock with cellulosic sludge; protein, mineral and vitamin source; water modification

Volume 1, Number 3  (September 1979)

Radionics: the sane alternative to pesticides (Ted Klich)
Radionics: here's what tests showed (John Everett)
Life control emissions: lessons from insects (Philip S. Callahan)
Resistance to pesticides: UN report (Mostafa Kamal Tolba)
Update: UNCTSD endorses financing system
Tesla's work with solitons
Planetary energy resources prospects: Montreal meeting
Demonstration of working clean energy systems
Lasting clean energy (Andrea Bottai)
Clean energy listings
Chronicles: Nikola Tesla, man of peace (3) (Andrija Puharich);  Challenge - the people have the right to know ! (via multimedia) (Walter Tengelsen);  Towards clean energy: bladeless pumps and turbines; hydrogen-powered automobile powerplant; thermostat programmer

Volume 1, Number  4  (January 1980)

Clean energy in the 1980's
Biogas, biomass and solar technology for the developing nations (A. Michrowski)
Ethanol as motor fuel potentials: some nations can produce it - in 1985 (Leo Hepner)
Gasohol developments in Brazil (TRANET)
U. S. gasohols in the 1930's !
De-politicizing the energy crisis: implementing Tesla technology (A. Michrowski)
Three Mile Island - another look (E. C.)
Exciting future for low-heat-grade geothermal sources (A. Michrowski)
The promising electrostatic motors (Oleg Jefimenko)
Revealing omissions on Tesla's experiments in Colorado Springs
United States joins the ELF club
ELF geomagnetic activity and health
New hazards in international air traffic: ELF standing waves
More on the ELF
Quest for reality: interdisciplinary conference in Cordoba (Elizabeth A. Rauscher)
Contest for best Moray technical paper
Good work (E. F. Schumacher)
The SO2 emission-to-mercury poisoning process (Torgny Schutt)
Chronicles: Nikola Tesla, man of peace (4) (Andrija Puharich)  Challenge - an emerging scientific world-view: the planet as a giant thought (Andrija Puharich) Towards clean energy: near-total efficiency fluorescent lighting; energy amplification system; magnetic motors
Reviews:    Messengers of deception: UFO contacts and cults by Jacques Vallée (Andrija Puharich); The sea of energy in which the earth floats by T. Henry Moray, edited by T. Bearden 

Volume 2, Number 1 (March 1980)

Facing the future creatively
The future-present, year 2000 (Robert Theobald)
Some plain talk about energy (Robert W. Bonner)
The future of science (A. Michrowski)
Future energy situation: a Middle East scenario (A. Michrowski)
Bioeffects in brain and other tissues of weak ELF fields (William  Ross Adey)
Statement by the Pacific Northwest Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation on ELF emissions (Willian [Van] Bise)
Where to go for help for ELF radiation problems ?
"Accepted" United States position on bioeffects of ELF (A. Michrowski)
ELF and weather
ELF and aviation safety
Chronicles: Nikola Tesla, man of peace (5) (Andrija Puharich)  Towards clean energy: patent, novel energy devices; spirulina
Reviews:  The Iceland papers edited by Andrija Puharich (Thomas Bearden); Radios that work for free;  The UFO crash/retrieval syndrome by Leonard H. Stringfield

Volume 2, Number 2  (May, 1980)

Evidence of psychokinetic interaction between living systems and nickel anodes in saline cells and speculation on the                        physical mechanisms involved (William [Van] Bise)
Life control infrared maser-like wavelengths (Philip S. Callahan)
Towards an inclusive theory of weather: insights from cloudbusting  (James V. DeMeo)
Soviet scientific research linked to Tesla effects (A. Michrowski)
New method of pre-sensing and monitoring volcanic activity at Mount Saint Helens, Washington (W.V. Bise)
An overview of ELF characteristics and their influence on man (Jeanne Morrison)
The nature of the Canadian government UFO files (Brian Eaton)
A legal case for hylozoism
Setback for clean energy in Scandinavia  (Stein Jarving)
Electromagnetic evaluation-scenario: Tabas helicopter rescue mission  (A. Michrowski)
Whatever happened to hydronics ? (Michael Johnson)
Numbers and space - an intuitive glance  (Patricia Villiers Stuart)
Chronicles: Nikola Tesla, man of peace (6)  (Andrija Puharich); Challenge - energy debates and the working scientist  (Bogdan Maglich)
Reviews:    The spectrum of consciousness by Ken Wilber  (Thomas Bearden); The shape of things to come by Gopi Krishna  (Herman Granz); Energy, earth and everyone by Medard Gabel

Volume 2, Number 3 (July/August 1980)

Malillumination and biological systems: a challenge to designers  (John Nash Ott)
Transmutation of the elements in oats: new analyses  (Louis Kervran)
"The physics of Tao"  (Philip S. Callahan)
Introducing the magnetic pacer: a countermeasure for environmental electromagnetic pollution (W.Van Bise)
A week in the magnetic life of Mount Saint Helens  (A. Michrowski)
Magnetic pacer presented to USPA
The magnifying transmitter  (Nikola Tesla)
Tesla's 125th anniversary celebration in 1981: planning developments  (Vladislav A. Tomovich)
Renewed hope for Migma, a non-radioactive fuel fusion  (A. Michrowski)
World première: The secrets of Nikola Tesla  (A. Michrowski)
Remote-viewing with radionics  (Edith Kermit Roosevelt)
Advanced Soviet bioenergetic research: recent developments
Chronicles:  Towards clean energy: products preventing malillumination: full spectrum lighting fixtures, plastic and optical lenses; negative ion generator; Clean energy listings
Reviews:   The real war in space, a BBC TV production  (Andrija Puharich); Ether technology: a rational approach to gravity control by Rho Sigma (Herman Granz)

Volume 2, Numbers 4 & 5 (February, 1981)

Internal symmetries of physics and parapsychology  (Olivier Costa de Beauregard)
Communications between molecules of life: ammonia and water  (Philip S. Callahan)
Ultraweak photon emissions in cells: new vistas in biology  (A. Michrowski)
Probing into control mechanisms in cellular healing processes: San Francisco initiative (E. A. Rauscher)
Cloudbusters as projectors (Trevor James Constable)
Innovative research facility  (Elizabeth A. Rauscher)
Bioelectromagnetics society: San Antonio meeting  (Stephen Dennis)
Anti-gravity properties of crystalline lattices  (John G. Gallimore)
Tachyon-field energy conference in Hannover  (Herman Granz)
Important lessons from plate flutter experiments  (Tom B. Pawlicki)
Avoiding a third conflict in Indochina: innovative trilateral non-aligned neutrality  (Marek Thee)
True societal costs of renewable biomass as clean energy  (R. C. Quittenton)
Focus on the biosphere: public, political, scientific  (J. R. Vallentyne)
New twist in mathematics and physics: twistor theory  (James B. Beal)
U. S. government and military sources of UFO related information  (Randolph W. Liebeck)
ELF activities during the 1977 New York blackout   (Andrija Puharich)
Research transmitters in Argentina: harbingers of new lessons   (A. Michrowski)
Cumulative risks of nuclear reactors in large cities  (Gordon Edwards)
Ion phenomena near a DC powerline  (William Mische)
ELF experiments in Tromsö, Norway: heating the ionosphere  (Gerhard Strössner)
Magnetic detection of planetary-wide geologic events  (William Van Bise)
ELF magnetic seismic detection: follow-up in French territory
ELF events in autumn, 1980
Chronicles:  Challenge - how can clean energy be implemented ?   (A. Michrowski)
Reviews:      Excalibur briefing  by Thomas E. Bearden  (A. Michrowski);Topics and terms in environmental problems by John R. Holum; Laying waste: the poisoning of America by toxic chemicals by Michael Bloom (M. Michrowski); Home energy for the eighties by Ralph Wolfe and Peter Clegg

Volume 3, Number 1  (June 1981)

The transistorized coil: a novel, clean energy tool  (Shinichi Seike)
Remote pumping of electrical fields: magnifying transmitters in action  (William Van Bise)
Celtic low energy, electromagnetic round towers  (Philip S. Callahan)
The eye: an electro-chemical transducer   (Morgan B. Raiford)
Some background on the Prioré machine  (Peter Geldart, A. Michrowski)
Advances in desalination: the Aul EGD process  (Robert Nelson)
Implementing a new consciousness   (Frank A. Low)
Magnetic disturbances produced by UFO and by space shuttle re-entry  (William Van Bise)
Concrete evidence of biological UFOs from Italy and Rumania  (Luciano Boccone)
ELF and weather: downburst in Wisconsin  (Brian Eaton)
Magnetic ELF comparisons with acoustics measurements on Mt. St. Helens  (William Van Bise)
USSR ELF emissions were predicted for remote viewing and mind control capabilities  (A. Michrowski)
Developments in remote sensing  (Bernard D. Nossiter, Nicholas Kosanovich, A. Michrowski)
Master's degree offered in consciousness studies  (Hatha Surrenda)
Some U. S. Tesla patents misleading  (Monique M. Michrowski)
Spontaneous electromagnetic radiation from natural dielectrics  (James B. Beal)
U. S. Tesla stamp in 1983  (Margaret Starcevic)
Chronicles:  Challenge - one should not start what one is not competent to control (J. D. Martin)
Reviews:  The encyclopedia of UFOs edited by Ronald D. Story  (Thomas Bearden); On a slide of light by Greta Woodrow

Volume 3, Numbers 2 & 3 (December 1981)

Mechanical energy from anisotropic gravitational fields (MEGA)  (Rudolf G. Zinsser)
Acoustic decomposition of water by the phonon effect: towards a viable clean fuel system (Andrija Puharich)  
Notes on the first international symposium on non-conventional energy technology  (Bill Kuhns)
An international overview of non-conventional energy research  (Rolf Schaffranke)
... A Saskatchewan follow-up ?
Tesla's secret   (Thomas Bearden)
Educating for peace   (Brian Eaton)
ELF effects on avionics  (A. Michrowski)
U. S. Congress may view consciousness as a science and technology issue   (A. Michrowski)
Novel techniques for detecting intent  (Elizabeth A. Rauscher, G. B. Houck, Virginia Gruye)
Chronicles:  Challenge - preparing for the coming socio-mental crisis - the dissipation of the simple enthusiasm of living  (Monique M. Michrowski)
Reviews:   Tesla: man out of time by Margaret Cheney  (Bill Kuhns)

Volume 3, Number 4  (October 1982)

New Physics for future science: exploring the internal flows
From the Lorentz transformation to the transformation C - the absolute invariance of the Maxwell
  C equations and related topics  (Jean Carstoiu)
Comments on the new Tesla electromagnetics: discrepancies in present EM theory  (Thomas Bearden)
Conversion of shadow energy into electrical energy using lead batteries  (Shiuji Inomata, Michio Hoshino)
Comment  (Alejandro Silva Garland)
A new metrology: orgonotester/fluidometer  (Trevor James Constable)

Volume 4, Number 1 (March 1983)

Unease with video display systems
Synopsis: non-linear electromagnetic interactions with living systems
Non-linear electromagnetic interactions with living systems  (Eldon A. Byrd)
Eyestrain and the visual display terminal  (Helen Feeley)
Forum on the question of VDTs  (Bill Kuhns)
Errata and amendments on MEGA, Vol 3,2-3
The implications of scientific illiteracy  (Monique M. Michrowski)
Chronicles:  Nexus: Puharich magnetite synthesis from inorganic solution; revival of Kervran's work; annual meeting; launch of Raum und Zeit, ELF in Indian Ocean; clean energy emphasis in South African Economics course

Volume 4, Number 2  (June, 1983)

Paramagnetic pyramid antenna ! levitation in the King's Chamber  (Philip S. Callahan)
How to make a corrugated round tower sensor  (Philip S. Callahan)
Formation of AAGFE   (Art Sowden)
Non-conventional energy technology transfer  (A. Michrowski)
Report: alternate energy seminar  (George D. Hathaway)
The Tomaz phenomenon  (Lee Pulos)
Report on Mufon meeting  (Dennis Stacy)
Chronicles:  Nexus: synergy and coherence in biological systems seminars at Université de Paris; Boston chapter; Migma advances; chemical antidotes database; French catalytic heating system

Volume 4, Number 3  (November 1985)

Emerging science
Scientific politics and the future on the earth   (Christopher Bird)
Fundamental fields and phase information  (Jack Dea)
Chronicles:  Nexus: Institute for Basic Research in Cambridge; Body Electric by Robert O. Becker; Omni  publishes on
electromagnetic bioeffects; WHO ELF environmental health criteria report; Secret of Nikola Tesla on cable networks; Globus computer simulation of key world political and economic relations launched in Berlin; German association of gravity field energy a technical society; Nieper's Revolution in technology, medicine and society; BBC TV Horizon program on parapsychology; Bakken Library of electricity in life collection; British Independent TV program on ELF; Marcel Vogel's Psychic research R & D Centre; Orgone biophysics bibliography by DeMeo

Volume 4, Number 4 (March 1986)

Future Man: a Montréal perspective
The emerging New Man   (Bernard de Montréal)
Mental space, mental time  (Monique Ménard)
Trying to get new technology accepted: a consultant's case of success and failures  (R.S. Ross)
Field resonance effects   (Alan C. Holt)
The maze in the haze   (A. Michrowski)
Inside building illness - IBI and human rights  (Monique Michaud)
Chronicles:  Nexus: Belgian Macder: electrical energy from static magnetic field; Sympathetic Vibratory Physics: focus on John Ernst Keely; planetary grid research at Governors State University; Edgar Cayce's Stabilizers revived; microwave sickness in military and civilian radar installations; developments in magnetics; Rolex awards; top Soviet geophysicist confirms ELF modifies weather; International Tesla Society symposium; General Electric falsifies full-spectrum research; Livcell  analysis computer screens develop "rouleaux" in blood - clumps which clog capillaries and cut down blood supply to brain -- sunlight, full spectrum light reverse phenomenon
Reviews:   What we may be by Piero Ferrucci

Volume 5, Number 1 & 2   (September 1986)

In search of ... Zero Point Energy  (Selby Anderson)
Nikola Tesla's studies of the eye  (A. Michrowski)
Ecological economics   (John A. Farrar)
The development of nonradioactive nuclear technology  (Bogdan Maglich)
Chronicles:  Nexus: Chernobyl incident related to nearby Gomel OTH installation scalar electromagnetic experiment; new European clean energy patents; Cohering the Zero-point energy released by Moray B. King; Yull Brown's stochiometric H and O ratio gas for welding, rust-proofing, engines, tunneling; Marc Seifer's PhD work on Nikola Tesla; Tesla coil builders association; Zagreb Tesla conference; Eric Dollard's modeling of longitudinal waves useful for understanding Tesla technology, electro-gravity; P. Tewari replicates overefficiency with homopolar N-machine; Swedish Energy Minister asked to investigate Joseph Newman's machine; Dutch homeopathic innovation at Vitexon b.v.; Los Angeles Congress of Bio-Energetic Medicine; Inertial propulsion system, EZKL, developed by Brandson Roy Thornson of Winnipeg; Liquid crystal consciousness hypothesis by Bruce H. Lipton may explain how some proteins convert light, sound, ELF, energies into cell communication; scalar convertors from Wolfgang Volkrodt; German association of gravity field energy Congress; Andrija Puharich's discovery of mechanism how near 8 Hz magnetic fields stabilize biochemical elements, normalize cell division; Marcel Vogel notes water pumped around crystal acquires properties of a permanent, fluid magnet
Reviews: In search of Nikola Tesla by F. David Peat; Pulsor: miracle of microcrystals by George T. F. Yao; Energy options - real economics and the solar-hydrogen system by J. O'M. Bockris

Volume 5, Number 3 & 4  (December 1987)

Emerging medical science
Electrolytic destruction of cancer cells  (Robert O. Becker)
Contactless magnetic neuro-muscular stimulation   (John A. Orpin)
Phase conjugate waves: implications in medicine (Thomas Bearden)
Reichian connection to healing by touch  (Bernard Grad)
Nerve regeneration through electroacupuncture  (A. Michrowski)
An odyssey towards bioenergetics   (John E. Fetzer)
Current physics theories and the Life Sciences  (John H. Davidson)
Progress at the Bio-energetic Medicine Congress   (A. Michrowski)
Castor Oil Packs - soft energy medicine  (Frederick Gregory)
Biosensitivity to extremely weak environmental electromagnetic stimuli  (A. Michrowski)
Another dimension for psychology  (Roberto Assagioli)
Additional method for visualizing acupuncture networks   (A. Michrowski)
Chronicles:  Nexus: Princeton School of Engineering research on interaction of human consciousness with electronic and mechanical devices; Menninger Foundation research on consciousness enhancement  with "copper wall" energized by weak magnetic field; Sourcebook project on anomaly research; inertial propulsion research by Eric R. Laithwaite, Sandy Kidd and Stephen Salter; USSR Gomel OTH ELF transmitter regains operation after Chernobyl incident - affects avionics, weather - US Army Foreign Science and Technology Center briefs on effective counter-measures; Examination of theoretical and clinical significance of 7.6 Hz EEG activity by James Hardt, UC San Francisco; Scientific and Medical Network; Brain activity mapping of advanced meditation techniques (Tummo) by Harvard Medical School's Herbert Benson; seminars on informational aspects of biological systems at Université de Paris; Pipeline company complains in public hearing that 1000 km away transient DC discharges by Québec Hydro's high-voltage transmission systems accelerate pipeline corrosion; germicidial, detoxifying properties of Ti Tree oil and toxic-free ozone (without nitrogen oxide) noted by Daniel J. Bangs; Special issue of International Journal of Biosocial Research reviews bioeffects of colour and light on plants, animals and people as researched by John Nash Ott; Israeli conference on interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological systems; Red Cross asks assistance to resolve appropriate technology aspects of locust swarm problems in African nations; Searl effect research by Gunnar Sandberg of University of  Sussex; TENS treatise by D.Tapio, A. C. Hymes of LecTec Corp; A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix verifies castor oil packs boost immune system's effectiveness; EZKL inertial propulsion system patented; German firm markets bioelectronic devices; Tesla Book Co. changes ownership; OTTlite source; Canada's Prime Minister's Office asks review of
Tesla's wireless transmission of electrical energy proposed by WVU (J. F. Corum, J. E. Smith) and is advised by National Research Council of Canada scheme is "actually correct" and "scale model of Tesla's arrangement could be easily duplicated"; Loma Linda University's Benjamin Lau confirms blood circulation enhanced by dilation of arterial vasculature by magnetic ELF; Psychosynthesis conference in Italy
Reviews:     The holistic approach to cancer by Ian Pearce; Subtle energy by John Davidson (M. Michaud)

Volume 6, Number 1  (July 1990)

Vacuum energy: coming of age
Vacuum energy: a breakthrough  (Andrei/NOVOSTI)
Commentary and addendum notes  (Paul Czysz)
On the new Soviet vacuum energy device: political implications  (Thomas Bearden)
An introduction to vacuum energy   (George D. Hathaway)
Scalar current  (Moray B. King)
Conceptualizing multidimensional interactions in "free energy" research  (A. Michrowski)
Laboratory generation of electric fireballs  (A. Michrowski)
ELF signals: current status  (William Van Bise)
Chronicles:  Nexus: Gaston Naessen's achievements: microscope (140,000 X), somatid observation, and 714-X (Camphorminium Chloride) immune system booster; DeMeo's The Orgone accumulator handbook; New Zealand engineer, Robert Adams, develops method of extracting energy from magnets; in vivo cellular communication results obtained by Cleve Backster; EZKL inertial propulsion system demonstrated in canoe; Tapping the Zero-point energy by Moray B. King;  advances in iridiology for psychological assessments by Denny Johnson; Canada's Minister of  Science, William C. Winegard admits Tesla wireless transmission system "is possible in theory" but does not offer "a viable alternative to electrical power transmission technology now in use";  UN's Centre on small energy resources in Rome to co-operate; Doyle Noyes achieves high efficiency heating and cooling system using a scalar convertor antenna; N-machine progress in India and Japan; USSR and US ELF emissions cease with superpower reconciliation - Schumann resonance subsides to tenth of pre-ELF emission levels (conducted between 1976-1989) - some independent scalar electromagnetic experimentations continue, results in random weather modification; association recognized by United Nations; Westinghouse supplies photovoltaic power systems; Fetzer Institute re-organized; Institute for Scientific Information launches diskette journal; World Research Foundation upgrades worldwide health information network; Original Rife frequency instrument surfaces at Mayo Clinic - leads to solid-state model replications;  WHO European Office in Copenhagen Non-ionizing radiation report suggests adverse health hazards associated with ELF fields; Rolex awards for enterprise; R. Livingstone notes solar eclipses not coincidental - moon shifts to accommodate eclipses - suggesting that a resonance structure operates on gravity

Volume 6, Number 2 & 3 (May 1991)

Interface: bioenergetics/scalar electromagnetics
In memoriam, Marcel Vogel
The M R T: "microwave resonance therapy": USSR clinical results (A. Michrowski, Bob Beck, J. Manning)
Ergonom 400 confirms Royal R. Rife's observations  (Marco Bischof)
Gaston Naessens: implementing the breakthroughs  (A. Michrowski)
G-Strophanthin   (Wesley James)
The concept of "free energy"  (Donald A. Kelly)
Hutchison Effect  (John Hutchison)
The Electrophoresis effect  (James E. Yehl)
Electro acupuncture: balancing resistance levels  (Margot Prenzlau)
Brain transmitters: how they are used   (Mediaeko Investigative Reporting Group, Stockholm)
Exceptions to Newton's Laws  (James Black)
Belgian "MHD" electric generator  (André-Gabrielle Colle)
Resources, networks, sources, support
Tachyon energy applied   (A. Michrowski)
Notable rejections by science  (Marcello Truzzi)
Scalar electromagnetics in aerials  (A. Michrowski)
Brainmapping project at the Monroe Institute  (F. Holmes Atwater)
Generation of electric power without electromagnetic induction  (Arvind Gupta)
Chronicles:  Nexus: French-language Nouvel Horizon launched; Troy Reed's working permanent magnet  motor; Holy Land treasures may be stored in 1598 in Oak Island, Nova Scotia with Leonardo da Vinci's expertise; Space energy association - SEA/US; De stichting kosmiese energie activities in Netherlands; Technology Intelligence Report from Anthony C. Sutton; Progress at Center for frontier sciences at Philadelphia's Temple University; International society for the study of subtle energies and energy medicine (ISSSEEM) gathering; Extraordinary Sciences conference; boundary layer effects obtained by C. R. Possell with Tesla's bladeless turbine; Inter-national medical homeopathic organization congress in Kiev; Institute of oriental medicine; V. I. Dokuchayev,electrodynamic theo-retician presents longitudinal EM wave theory supported by experiments supporting other Soviet vacuum energy research; John Nash Ott indicates ultraviolet light essential for making cell division process possible for pigment epithelial cells of the retina; R. O. Becker proposes more attention be given glial cells of the brain which may be responsible for magnetic, DC potential sensing - glials appear to process new neurons; vacuum energy research progress in US, USSR, Mexico; Health and Welfare Canada addresses environ-mental sensitivity; U. S. Congressional record of conspiracy to suppress certain innovative cancer treatments by Benedict  F. Fitzgerald, Jr., Counsel (August 3, 1953);  Fritz Albert Popp confirms ultraweak light emitted by  living tissues may be detected by sensitive photomultiplier tubes and Tohoku University follows up with "biophotonics" research; S M Kirov Polytechnic Institute in Tomsk focal point of multidisciplinary study of transient and anomalous phenomena; Austrian Rudolf Doczekal's work on conditions whereby 2nd Law of Thermodynamics may be invalid for labile states confirmed by B. Schaeffer, W. D. Bauer of Berlin; air pollution affects higher altitude conifers in clean zones of Central Europe and North America; U.S. Navy matches production of nuclear products with excess heat in cold fusion experiments; US intersociety energy conversion engineering conference on "advanced energy concepts": zero-point, vacuum energy, Tesla technology, etc.
Review:   Biological transmutations by C. Louis Kervran; The L. E. Eeman report compiled by Tom Brown

Volume 6, Number 4 (July 1993)

Transmutation of radioactive materials with Yull Brown's Gas   (Daniel Haley)
Yull Brown's Gas /  Anomalous water  (Andrew Michrowski)
Vacuum energy developments: the related physics of bioenergetic phenomena   (Andrew Michrowski)
Modulation of neurotransmitter function by quantum fields   (Glen Rein)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  Microtonality -music of extended multiple harmonics; Witnessing extraterrestrials leads to suspension of civil liberties in US: 1969 NASA regulations, U.K. Chief of Defense Staff claims cover-up of UFO evidence inTimothy Good's Above Top Secret; Corporate crime in US: $100 billion annually;  International Atomic Energy Agency study on health impact of Chernobyl; Sacred medecines published: compilation on traditional medicines by WHO; Stephan Marinov demonstrates free-energy prototype; Formation ofTesliana Society, Serbian independent scientists network; Advanced computer-assisted translation system; Alvin Mark's Lumeloid and Lepcon solar/electric antennae advances with Argonne National Laboratory, EPRI; Center for Frontier Sciences reviews alternative healing for National Institute of Health; Brandson Roy Thornson video demo of smooth-ride inertial propulsion model; Leland I. Anderson documents Tesla's experimental scalar methods and apparati; International Association for New Science and Institute for New Energy;  Activation of psi capabilities consequence of new Russia, after fall of communism; New Russian publication, Auraz; Transmission of electricity by one wire demonstrated,explained by Dr. Stanislav Avramenko; Dr. Rein's method detects affects of subtle energy with ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy; Troy Reed secures independent expert evaluation, files for patent for  magnetic motor; Fusion Information Center newsletter; Comprehensive multidisciplinary study for the United States Department of Energy uncovers several models linking ELF with cancer initiation; European members of PACE now enjoy co-ordination secretariat based in Germany, first initiative is related to healthy homes.

Volume 7, Number 1 (September 1993)

The PAP-IMI device: longitudinal waves therapeutics  (Panos T. Pappas)
Neutralization of HIV virus: experimental method  (Robert C. Beck)
Inertial propulsion: the Thornson EZKL drives  (Thomas Valone)
Momentum energy in IPE: periodically stored and released  (Brandson Roy Thornson)
Mobiloscope: independent indicator of movement  (Jaroslav J. Kopernicky)
Gravity drop experiments: influencing gravity  (Donald Kelly)
Inertial induction motor (IIM): walking towards lift  (Bill Donavan)
Chronicles:  Nexus: The Aquapol device dries moist walls claims vacuum energy interaction; Edition Freie Energie starts with Rho Sigma books; Raum-Quanten-Motoren lans serial production of fuelless space energy motors (20-30 kW and 190-210 kW); Saoraia Foundation in Denmark; "Hum" complaint gains credibility; hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields studied by Swedish, U.S.,Chinese institutions; Dead Sea Conference on holistic approach to health.

Volume 7, Number 2 & 3 ( April, 1994)

Therapeutic architecture: indoor bioelectrics (Richard L. Crowther)
Our relations with Earth (Richard L. Crowther)
We are walking antennas ! (Eldon Byrd)
The electricity of life, a partial historical review (A. Michrowski)
Counteracting adverse electromagnetic fields (Eldon Byrd)
About ions ... and EMF sensitivity (James E. Yehl)
Practical EMF pointers (Richard L. Crowther, A. Michrowski)
Qigong - a near 8 Hz focused mind activity, scientific evidence (Eldon Byrd)
The MWO - a revisit and follow-up (Hessel Hoornveld)
Advanced clean energy power production, current status (Toby Grotz)
Clean Energy Contacts
Networks in vacuum
Early technologies ...
The PAP-IMI device developments
Chronicles:  Nexus: Guenter Poeschl's mixes water and engine fuel ultrasonically; Contact Network International in Netherlands; ENECO established to pursue cold fusion technologies; Yull Brown victim of earthquake; International Science Forum Network symposium on electric propulsion, electrogravity dedicated to T. T. Brown; Ukrainian vacuum field energy developments; Joseph Swenson's experiments for "drawing power from air"; Robert Pavlita's psychotronic generators re-examined; Tesla Engine Builders Association established; John O'M. Bockris overcomes academic resistance; William Philpott's self-help health guide with magnets; Gerald Fischer's evaluation of pulsed magnetic therapy modality; HIV (or any other virus) not cause of AIDS according Peter Duesberg, retrovirus expert; Conference on Science of Subtle Energy; Wingate Lambertson's solid-state system for tapping vacuum energy; Secret underground installations in U.S.; Dale Pond launches HyperVibes 2.0 database on Keely, Tesla, Cayce, Russell, etc.; Effects of microwave irradiation on food; Canadian government holdings of UFO and abduction reports; Electromagnetic "confusion field" research at Catholic University leads to EMX technology at Honeywell. Thoughts worth Considering.

Volume 7, Number 4 (July, 1994)

Electrogravitics developments
The Denver report (Hal L. Fox, Toby Grotz, A. Michrowski)
Inertial propulsion: concept & experiment details (Thomas Valone)
Neurophone - a bio-responsive scalar wave device (Patrick Flanagan)
Advanced antivirus software
Chronicles:  Nexus: Wingate A. Lambertson's successful solid state free energy system test results; William J. Fogal and Tom E. Bearden semiconductor improvement provides high AC voltage and current gain; United States Psychotronic Association's (USPA) emerging sciences audio/visual archives; Borderlands BBS as source for unusual documents; International Bio-oxidative medicine foundation developments in hydrogen peroxide modalities; Yugoslav Tesliana Society development in anti-virus and antic-cancer inhibitory micro-funguses; progress with US DOE and Argonne National Laboratory with Dr. Alvin Mark's solar/electric power conversion process. International Association for Technology Assessment and Forecasting Institutions discussion of vacuum energy and Yull Brown's achievements; new Solar-Hydrogen "quick read" guide from International Association for Hydrogen Energy; detailed information (including work plans) about Tesla's engines and pumps from the Tesla Engine Builders Association; Hungarian N-Machine design by Ferenc Gal; heart-rate-variability as indicator of relationship between emotions and the heart and the immune system performance; Japanese government subsidizes projects in cold fusion, new hydrogen energy and N-machines; earth-quake prediction developments at the Geo-Monitor network; HAARP ELF ionospheric heating program going ahead.
In Memoriam: Rolf Schaffranke, Richard J. Reynolds, Vincent G. Wiberg.

Volume 8, Number 1 (September, 1994)

Potentials in power generation (Alexander V. Frolov)
Commentary (Tom E. Bearden)
Flanagan's Microcluster colloids - increasing free energy (Patrick Flanagan, Gael Flanagan)
Ultraviolet bio-effects - question of multifrequency interaction (James E. Yehl)
Power of written archetypal words - triggering survival forces (Claude Onillon)
Cloud structure events - recent developments (Ottawa Secretariat)
Earth frequency oscillator (Keith Johnson)
The future of science (A. Michrowski)
Quacks of Medicine ... (Ralph R. Hovnanian)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  previously unpublished Tesla wireless transmission of electricity and particle beam projector material; vacuum energy discussed in Stockholm; UN discussing sustainable energy techniques; Shinichi Seike spheric monopolar magnet; mind control and abuse prevalent; Viktor Schauberger generator pieces supplier; geometry of sound research by Barbara Hero and Robert Miller Foulkrod; Permaculture resources; Keely's Hydro Vacuo Motor analyzed by Dale Pond; Tesla and Philadelphia Experiment analysis. Thoughts worth Considering.

Volume 8, Number 2 (February 1995)

(Henry) Andrija Puharich (1918-1995): "keeper of the fires of learning" (Elizabeth Rauscher)
In memory of Andrija Puharich (Tom E. Bearden)
Recent Puharich books
Puharich water splitting system for cars (Elizabeth Rauscher)
Twenty years (A. Michrowski)
Unipolar magnetic spheres - power generation from spacetime (Shinichi Seike)
HAARP strummings
Trees / human interaction
Chronicles:  Nexus:  European Parliament action on electromagnetic pollution; Australian senator Robert Bell promotes EMF information exchange group; advances with Robert C. Beck's HIV neutralization system; Swiss M-L Converter developments; free energy WIN Method reports yield gains; nuclear industry underestimated costs of nuclear energy disposal; UFO research grants; Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe property at risk; sonar-like UFO sounds; system for direct conversion of heat into useful mechanical work patented Bernhard Schaeffer and Albert Serogodski; Anomalist launched; Argentinean Secretariat; successful replication of Walter Russell's transmutation experiment in internal plasma vortex fields; electromagnetic sensitivity gains Scandinavian scientific interests; brain transmitters mass produced while legal cases surface; economic impact of free energy analyzed by Prof. Josef Gruber of FernUniversitat Hagen; clarification of Wiberg's paranormal challenge results.

Volume 8, Number 3 (April 1995)

Eloptic energy and plant life 
Cosmic pipe - "cosmiculture" energy farming (Sarah Hieronymus)
Spruce budworm control - successful radionics experiment (Ted J. Klich)
Radionics as a subtle energy guide (Lutie Larsen)
T. T. Brown's classified electrogravitics research (Thomas Valone)
Master of anomalies & G (Joshua Reynolds)
Caveat Emptor Let the buyer be aware ! - so who is selling ? (Clement Noel Beauchamp)
Brown's Gas - extracting precious minerals (Floyd Farley)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  Analysis of Nikola Tesla's Colorado Springs Notebook by Richard Hull and associates; Hendershot dossier developed by son; MIT cold fusion gathering by Eugene Mallove; Magnetic Resonance Amplifier developments claims overunity; Royal Raymond Rife dossier released; United States Psychotronics Association developing a degree program for radionics; Thornson inertial propulsion systems demonstrates elevated thrust capability;  what drives currency variations; punctured cloud structure in Michigan linked to underground facility. Channel alert.

Volume 8, Number 4 (February 1996)

Three overunity devices (Tom E. Bearden)
Combining water with fuels - improvements by Poeschl (Wolfram Bahmann)
Advanced transmutation: the case for nuclear waste disposal
Advanced transmutation: experimental results (T.E. Bearden,John O'M Bockris,Yull Brown,O. Costa de Beauregard,Hal Fox,A. Michrowski,Elizabeth A. Rauscher,Glen Rein, William A. Tiller, Tom Valone, William Van Bise)
Somatidian biology (F.Wayne Grimm)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  McLuhan Program on Yull Brown; African secretariat; Hamel's magnetic apparatus; cellular transmission tower concerns; expanded model for the basis of hearing; HAARP tests concerns; 2 mG exposure limit proposed by US National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements; focused intention to influence material physics; European new energy technology gathering; information storage in water; Correa's pulsed abnormal glow reactor; unsuccessful replication efforts with Swiss M-L Converter, Floyd Sweet's VTA; cloudbusting review; Chukanov's ball lightning/overunity generator; Russian Institute of Free Energy; photons for manipulating of samples; blood flow as propelling heart; blood clearing device; Brown's Gas generators for autonomous houses.

Volume 9, Number 1 (February 1997)

The physics of Brown's Gas (Les Banki,Yull Brown,A.Michrowski,John Van Rhee,George Wiseman)
Charge clusters (Ken R. Shoulders, Steve Shoulders)
Commentary (A. Michrowski)
Low temperature transmutation (Georgiy S. Rabzi)
1923 spark transmutation - early charge cluster research (Rich Murray)
de la Warr radionic camera (Peter Moscow)
Mars: geometric artifacts in virtual 3-D  stereo (Greydon Moore - Rhae Livingstone)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  UK secretariat; scalars studied by the physics community; Graneau's kinetic energy gains from fog; longitudinal wave propagation studies at York University; successful replication of alchemical transmutation of lead into gold with "soft fusion" by Albert Cau; Wilfred Branfield thesis of light as source of matter; Cincinnati group's electro-nuclear transmutation; alternative energy vehicle research; Puharich's theory of nerve conduction and cellular communication; Puthoff's zero-point energy research. Nexus/Websites - advanced energy and related subjects. In Memoriam: Chesley W. Carter, Christopher Bird. Thoughts worth considering.

Volume 9, Number 2 & 3 (April 1997)

Sinewaves of spacetime - space movement by time increments (Philip S. Callahan, Kevin L. Callahan)
Trilateral spacetime effect (Alexander V. Frolov)
Commentary (Harold E. Puthoff)
Longitudinal wave tech (Vladilen I. Dokuchaev)
Tesla's views on zero-point energy (Nikola Tesla)
Electrotherapeutics - commentaries (Ernst Knoll)
Electroporation with electrotherapeutic devices (Panos T. Pappas)
The role of melatonin and serotonin in aging (Bernard R. Grad, R. Rozencwaig)
Scalar therapeutics (Andrew Michrowski)
Brown's Gas for self-sufficient, healthy houses (Andrew Michrowski, John Van Rhee)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  successful replication of gunpowder transmutation process by Albert Cau; water-powered cars by Yull Brown; new US government research and funding priorities; US National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences report on residential EMF; Jensen's "ring-fire" implosion heater system. Nexus releases - publications from the network. Nexus/Websites - advanced energy and related subjects. 

Volume 9, Number 4 (February 1998)

Perpetual motion ... in conventional electrodynamics (Tom E. Bearden)
Reactionless vehicle - momentum and energy from centrifugal forces (Stefan Marinov, Joerg Deistling)
Scalar phenomena research (Andrew Michrowski)
Electret effect photography (Philip S. Callahan)
Chronicles:  Nexus:  Tewari's successful space power generator experiments; Graneau's progress with kinetic energy derived from fog; geometric patterns effects on DNA generated by scalars reported by Glen Rein; US government's application of "seeded" alien technology; US Defense department's concern for eco-type terrorism (climate, earthquakes, volcanoes) from remote EM waves; US Air Force research on EM weapons for mind, emotion and muscular control; capital base for new energy technologies; jury nullification procedure for alternative medicine trials; bioeffects from radiofrequency and microwaves and concern from insurance community; Lambertson's success with solid-state free energy device; Thornson's impulse propulsion drive and endorsement by Manitoba government. Nexus/Websites - advanced energy and related subjects. In Memoriam: Stefan Marinov and Bruce DePalma. Notices: Testaments of Disposition of research work; Clean Energy Foundation.

Volume 10, Number 1 (December 1998)

My life with cold fusion (Edmund Storms)
Cold fusion in lioving cells (PanosT. Pappas)
Carbon monoxide > iron (mark Porringa)
Chronicles: Nexus: World's financial market/free energy interface; Russian single wire electric transmission technique by Stanislav and Konstantin Avramenko; annual investmet requirement into world's energy sector and Evelyn de Rotschild's plan for year 2004 and beyond; HAARP near-2Hz ELF burst campaign; Alexandr V. Chernetskii's charge separation work replicated by George Egely; details of Smith Coil's caduceus winding to produce longitudinal wave effects; public perception that transmission lines are the major environmental issue reported in survey; "gender-bender" endocrine-disrupting agents linked to nonyl phenol and other ingredients in common household compounds.; cellular PCS service start-up linked to increased mortality for first 4-12 weeks of operation; diets helpful in overcoming electromagnetic sensitivities; findings of the National Institute of Enviromental Health Sciences EMF RAPID project regarding the evidence of hazards associated with exposure to 50-60Hz electromagnetics; Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation finds car engines can efficiently generate emergency power for homes; long-life nickel metal hydride electrode batteries; health effects of cellular phones determined by Vienna University symposium. Nexus/note gems - perpetuum mobiles: electric bell at University of Oxford ringing since 1840; atmospheric clock running since 1864 at the University of Otago, New Zealand. In Memoriam: Yull Brown and Hans A. Nieper.

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