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A non-profit, charitable corporation whose objects are to facilitate the discovery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of clean energy systems.  
A study published in Applied Thermal Engineering finds that Brown's Gas is a silver bullet for modifying the fuel of HCCI engines, more than doubling their fuel efficiency and eliminating tailpipe emissions. 

For the research a series of experiments were conducted using homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines. HCCI is a form of internal combustion using well mixed fuel and air which are compressed to the point of auto ignition. 

Water electrolysis gas (WEG) or Brown's Gas was added as an auxiliary fuel to enhance heating potential of the fuel mixture. The addition of Brown's Gas was found to reduce the amount of gasoline by 35%-40%. 

More power less gasoline

Researchers of the study note that the "...addition of Water Electrolysis Gas plays an important role to generate strong enough power and efficient operation by the combined effects of high heating potential and fast burning velocity".

Brown's Gas is estimated to have 10-20x more power potential than liquid gasoline. 

According to the research: 

"The high engine performance could be explained by the combined effects of the high heating potential of WEG, the reduced time of reaction by vaporized gasoline and finally lean burn application with the excess air."

Brown's Gas more than doubles fuel efficiency, according to latest research
Brown's Gas makes engines cleaner

Since the peak operating temperature were significantly lower than spark ignition engines used in most vehicles (100 C), NOx emissions and particulate were almost negligible. Similar experiments were made using three different engines such as the Honda GX 160, 270 and Chinese Honda B33. Researchers concluded that the addition of Brown's Gas showed similar or better engine performance.

GunWoong Bahnga, Dongsoon Jangb, Youngtae Kimc, Misoo Shinb, A new technology to overcome the limits of HCCI engine through fuel modificationApplied Thermal Engineering, Volume 98, April 5 2016, pages 810-815
HCCI Engine Laboratory - The automotive industry thinks that HCCI engines have the potential to surpass the efficiency of diesels. Brown's Gas could make this a reality. (Image: Creative Commons)