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A non-profit, charitable corporation whose objects are to facilitate the discovery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of clean energy systems.  
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The Planetary Association for Clean Energy Inc. (PACE) was founded in 1976 under the guidance of the Honourable Senator Chesley W. Carter, then chairperson man of the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Health,Welfare and Science as well as a member of the Senate Special Committee on Science Policy. A number of concerned scientists started and developed an international collaborative network of advanced scientific thinking individuals and organizations. 

In 1979, the Association became incorporated as a Canadian non-profit charitable organization with initial headquarters in Ottawa. 

Its charter foresaw the role of facilitation of the discovery, research, development, demonstration and evaluation of "clean energy systems", defined as non-polluting, inexpensive systems of universal applicability which draw on natural supply. The original and ongoing goals of the
Association include the stewarding the planning, co-ordination and implementation of clean energy systems on planetary, continental, regional, local and individual scales. Experience has enjoined the network to act responsibly by serving as a monitor and an alert system for
emerging "unclean" systems not otherwise considered by other groups. 

In 1980, the Association became a Learned Society and hosted its first sessions as such at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM). Its Secretariats provides international contacts, linking researchers in specific areas of interdisciplinary study. 

PACE has participated in the UN's Conference on Long-term Energy Technology and sponsored the First International Symposium on Non-conventional Energy Technology in 1981 in Toronto and the second such symposium in 1983 in Atlanta. 

The Planetary Association for Clean Energy is a recognized Consumer Organization and maintains a rapport as an NGO with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and
with the Geneva Centre for our Common Future (which consolidates the
activities of the United Nations' recent World Commission on Environment
and Development).
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Our Logo
The PACE logo is what pioneering physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla saw in his lab in New York City, when he was transmitting electrical energy through a single wire, sectioned and pointed at his eyes.The swirl is the magnetic field that follows into the electron stream going forward towards an observer.